Do you have your “ booster pack ” ?

By | on 29, Nov 2016 | Snowmobile Motorcycle Quad Maintenance Motorcycle Maintenance Snowmobile Maintenance Marine ATV-UTV

Because of the intense winter cold and the invasion of electronic technology, or simply to be safer, I believe that everyone should carry their own 400 amp lithium “booster pack”. Read More

3 useful tips to make your snowmobile battery last longer!

By | on 26, Sep 2016 | Snowmobile Snowmobile Maintenance Snowmobile Parts and Accessories

It happened to all us! Facing a dead battery when trying to start our snowmobile! Have you ever wonder why? Maybe there is a reason for it! Read More

Extend the Life of Snowmobile Skis

By | on 20, Feb 2015 | Snowmobile Snowmobile Parts and Accessories Snowmobile Maintenance

 Read More

Extend the life of your snowmobile slides

By | on 28, Jan 2015 | Snowmobile Snowmobile Maintenance

As we all know, snowmobiling is an expensive sport. Access fees, equipment, gas and restaurants, as well as maintenance of the snowmobile, all add up. Read More

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