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5 ideas to give your old helmet a makeover

By | on 08, Jun 2016 | Motorcycle Motorcycle Helmets Quad Helmets ATV-UTV

Is your old hemet getting dusty ? Every time you make the decision to get rid of it, do you hesitate and it stays where it was ? Read More

« Waterproof-Breathable » Membrane vs Coating

By | on 08, Oct 2014 | Motorcycle Motorcycle Gear Motorcycle Clothing Motorcycle Product Reviews

When buying a coat, such as the Win-tec, our choice is often influenced by the technology used in the manufacture of the product. We often talk of a membrane or coating. Read More

"Fashion" to the mud and back with Alias and CKX

By | on 05, Aug 2014 | Motorcycle Motocross Motorcycle Gear

To be "fashionable", even in the mud, has never been easier than with Alias’ MX clothing collection and CKX’s newest line of TX-696 MX helmets. Read More

Toxic plants on trails: be careful!

By | on 30, Apr 2014 | On the Trails and Quad Trip ATV-UTV

It’s a beautiful day and you feel like going for a ride on your ATV, UTV or motorcycle. On the trails, along the roads and waterways or on the edge of the woods, there are sometimes toxic plants that [...] Read More

5 Good reasons to wear CKX

By | on 01, Dec 2013 | Snowmobile Snowmobile Gear Snowmobile Clothing

The eternal questioning when winter comes, when the excitement of practicing our favorite sports is remembering us that we must renew our winter clothing and accessories; Read More