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5 ideas to give your old helmet a makeover

By | on 08, Jun 2016 | Motorcycle Quad Gear ATV-UTV

Is your old hemet getting dusty ? Every time you make the decision to get rid of it, do you hesitate and it stays where it was ? Read More

« Waterproof-Breathable » Membrane vs Coating

By | on 08, Oct 2014 | Motorcycle Motorcycle Gear Motorcycle Product Reviews

When buying a coat, such as the Win-tec, our choice is often influenced by the technology used in the manufacture of the product. We often talk of a membrane or coating. Read More

Toxic plants on trails: be careful!

By | on 30, Apr 2014 | Quad Gear ATV-UTV

It’s a beautiful day and you feel like going for a ride on your ATV, UTV or motorcycle. On the trails, along the roads and waterways or on the edge of the woods, there are sometimes toxic plants that [...] Read More

5 Good reasons to wear CKX

By | on 01, Dec 2013 | Snowmobile Snowmobile Gear

The eternal questioning when winter comes, when the excitement of practicing our favorite sports is remembering us that we must renew our winter clothing and accessories; Read More