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Bell Helmets - Then and Now

By | on 22, Jun 2015 | Motorcycle Motorcycle Gear

Some love them, some hate them, some collect them, and some keep the same one for way too long; but helmets are a fact of life in Canada, love ‘em or not. Read More

Put your safety first this riding season!

By | on 17, Apr 2015 | Motorcycle

As the snow goes.... and comes.... and goes away again, we're all champing at the bit to get out there and get back on our bikes. Read More

Pre-season preparations for your motorcycle

By | on 14, Apr 2015 | Motorcycle Motorcycle Maintenance

Check, 1,2….Check Check. Ok, we’ve probably all heard a roadie somewhere hollering into a microphone with just that phrase and wondered “Why? Why is he saying that over and over?”. Read More

Group Riding Explained

By | on 04, Nov 2014 | Motorcycle

  GROUP RIDING OR NOT? There is a debate that rages on among riders all over the world, and It’s not the helmet laws suck debate, or the loud pipes debate, Read More