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Posted by Kimpex on 21, Feb 2023


In 2023, Kimpex will be introducing the Rouski EVO, the first fully lockable system on the market. More compact, better integrated, and incredibly easier to operate, it offers the most efficient and safe solution.

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New Design and New Features

How about discovering an "evolved" version of Rouski? Snowmobilers have long relied on retractable wheel systems: to reduce wear and tear on runners and skis when traveling off snow, but also to protect garage floors during storage. The Rouski EVO offers the same

advantages as the previous models, but it stands out with unique features on the market. Rouski EVO is more than an evolution... it's a revolution!


Rouski EVO Effortless Foot-Operated System

"From the start, it was a priority: Rouski EVO had to be easy to operate. The user had to be able to activate the wheels without having to lift the ski and without bending over." This is how the Kimpex innovation team starts the presentation, while the engineer rotates the wheels under the ski effortlessly with his foot. The effect is convincing every time!

This ease of operation is the result of the double pivot mechanism (patent pending) at the heart of the new system. It gradually multiplies the output force by a factor of 8. A simple foot pressure on the pedal helps the snowmobile’s ski rise easily. As a result, the Rouski EVO greatly improves snowmobile accessibility. Why strain yourself when the Rouski EVO can work for you?

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Rouski EVO Only System on the Market to Be Fully Lockable

A retractable wheel system is above all a device helping riders to maneuver their machine when driving off snow. It must thus be reliable. However, with most current systems available in the market, when loading the machine onto a trailer or when going reverse, all too often, the device is under great pressure, causing the wheels to unintentionally disengage.

The Rouski EVO is equipped with a lock button (patent pending) that can lock the wheels, both when they are raised and lowered. This significant innovation greatly improves the snowmobile’s handling.

Fully lockable system Image


Ski Adapter Flawless Integration Design

As opposed to other systems, the Rouski EVO needs a ski adapter for installation. This unique two-part design (patent pending) makes it possible to reuse Rouski EVO on different types of skis by only changing the runner adapter. The system’s retainer screws are easy to remove, while the adapter subtly remains in place.

This construction easily and conveniently fits different types of rides. It is the perfect system for crossover snowmobiles. Once the mechanism is unscrewed, the optimal integration of the ski adapter for backcountry riding without clutter. Snowmobilers owning several machines or who change their ski will also benefit from this device. Likewise, it is a significant advantage for dealers who can easily meet their consumers’ needs.

Unique Two-part design Image


Rouski EVO a Real Game Changer

With three patents pending, the Rouski EVO is introducing unique features to the market aimed at improving driving experience off the snow, as well as for loading on a trailer, travelling along the roads, and for snowmobile storage.


The Rouski EVO will be available for purchase in Fall 2023. Until then, visit the Rouski page and Kimpex Youtube channel for more information.


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