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Posted by Kimpex on 29, Nov 2016

KimpexNews - Product review - Booster Pack

Because of the intense winter cold and the invasion of electronic technology, or simply to be safer, I believe that everyone should carry their own 400 amp lithium “booster pack”.


KimpexNews - Product review - Booster Pack - Snowmobile Action Shot

As a matter of fact, I purchased one in mid-winter last year to jumpstart snowmobiles on those particularly daunting mornings. But after using it and understanding it better, I quickly realized that this little unit, as small as it is, is very useful. We’ve come a long way from the huge booster packs that never had any power when you needed it. When judging by its look and size, we could assume that it is limited to light vehicles; but let me assure you that having tested it, this booster pack is powerful enough for even big V-8 pickup truck engines.


KimpexNews - Product review - Booster Pack

But again, it is more than just a booster pack: it comes with USB connections and several types of conductors in the package, and we can easily imagine how useful this unit could be. Whether it’s to charge our smart phone, GPS, my fishing partner’s famous and unavoidable electronic cigarette, or various electronic devices, this 15 oz 7.5’’x 4’’x 1.5’’ booster pack can be carried around in practically any type of storage. It fits easily in your backpack, ATV or snowmobile storage box, under the seat, in the backrest or trunk of a car, so there is no excuse for not having one at hand…with the exception of what happened to me last week while on my way to my fishing camp. I was taking my ATV out of the shed and oops, the battery was empty. So I go to my pickup to get my booster pack only to realize that I had lent it to my brother-in-law to have it in his boat during the summer. And it was that same weekend that my fishing partner sat in my pickup for two hours with the engine idling to charge his electronic cigarette and at the same time smoke it to make up for the puffs he couldn’t take since the e-cigarette battery had died!!! Need I say that I have already found their next birthday presents! 

Speaking of boats, for those who love boating, cozying up on a beach, a dock, an island for some bass thumping and partying…until time to leave and…nothing left? Well, no need to drag along a second battery or booster pack cable in your boat with your small booster pack in a trunk ready to save your life… or at least your pride. And for fishing enthusiasts like me who have a small electric motor, I think we have enough baggage to carry in our rowboat without having to take along a second battery charger thinking, “I won’t need it, but in case my battery fails in the middle of the lake.’’ Well now, this booster pack will get you safely back to port.

In short, having used this small size power pack in all kinds of situations, checked its versatility and operating lifetime, and especially, for having charged it only twice in the last year, I think everyone should own one. But for the difference in price (less than $10), if space is not an issue, I would advise you to go for the 600 amp. As for me, I have just settled quite a few gift ideas for the next year!


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