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Posted by KimpexWP on 07, Oct 2015

This article is a presentation of the LS2 FF370.  The modular helmet could be a very interesting option for your winter snowmobile or ATV/UTV escapes!

LS2 FF370 – Winter Edition

Known as one of the best helmets as far as quality-price ratio is concerned, the LS2 FF370 has undergone a few changes in order to adapt to our winter temperatures. First of all, the FF370 is available with two visor options for Canadian consumers: a double visor or a double electric visor. The power cord is supplied when purchasing the electric visor and it comes right in the box. Secondly, the FF370 is equipped with an adjustable and removable neoprene breath deflector. Finally, a chin guard has been placed on the helmet to prevent the wind from bouncing off the chest and going right back up under the chin. It is also removable.


LS2 FF370 – Visor

As mentioned above, the FF370 is available with the double or double electric visor. In both cases, it is manufactured with injected Lexan in addition to having anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. Furthermore, the LS2 FF370 comes with an integrated retractable tinted visor. The retractable visor is equipped with a quick release system and is easy to use even with snowmobile gloves.


The LS2 visor’s attachment system is somewhat complex if it’s your LS2, but take two minutes to view this video for a better understanding of this very ingenious mechanism!

LS2 FF370 – Modular helmet

Like any modular helmet, the chin strap lifts up when you press the button on the chin of the helmet. To open the helmet, you must press down on the button to release the mechanism and lift the chin strap. You can open the helmet whether the visor is open or not. If open, the chin strap will simply slide upwards to fit into the visor. When you close the helmet properly you will hear a pleasant closing sound that follows a successful operation.


LS2 FF370 - Comfort, size and weight

For the LS2 FF370, I chose the size that seemed to comply with industry standards. I wear a Large and it is the size that gave me the most comfort and safety for the FF370.  But, I do recommend that you try it on before buying it, as each head has its own shape! As for noise during the activity, I did not notice anything alarming. It is clearly not the noisiest one I have worn. Its weight is 1400 grams, and it is ready for a Bluetooth system when it leaves the factory.

LS2 FF370 - Colours, graphics and certification

This year, the FF370 comes in Solid style with no graphic design and in two colour choices of black and matt black.  The helmet has DOT and ECE certification.


Target group for the FF370?

This helmet will surely reach and meet the needs of a mass of winter sports enthusiasts who plan one or two outings per week, without any problem. As far as I am concerned, this helmet should reach even more trail riders than off-trail riders. Please remember that it is an excellent choice for the vast majority of consumers with regard to the quality-price ratio. The price is not extravagant for a modular helmet, even when choosing the double electric visor. This helmet should certainly charm more than one consumer this winter.

Additional information

For more information on the LS2 FF370:

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