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Posted by Evens Sheehy on 24, Aug 2015
Evens Sheehy

Cars without drivers, flying robotic cameras, transparent screens, increased reality and pertinent information, different, for all, at all times.  This is what awaits us in our future and even more, because all these technologies already existed in our present.

The CRAZY love of technology and information.

Every morning, when I get to work, I have the same routine. I open my computer, look at how many unread emails I have to answer, open the internet and quickly go through the company’s social media sites (in case a crisis occurred during the night!). I answer my emails and then I go through our sites again looking for interaction or some industry news that I should share with my colleagues in marketing or in product development. Of course, I have created all kinds of alerts for myself on search engines and social media sites themselves, but just in case these super sophisticated alerts had missed one… I go over each network one by one. I don’t spend hours on it, but at least 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes in the afternoon, when I can.



It might seem a bit silly, or totally zealous, but I like to be connected every minute to what is going on in our industry. Outside of work, I also stay connected via my smart phone and my Bluetooth smart watch. Why? Because I am a part of this generation, that lives through content and technology. Traditional media is still present in our daily life, but much less so than 10, 5 or even 2 years ago.

A fast-moving train … and customers who are lagging behind.

Why am I telling you this here, in a blog such as the KimpexNews that is concentrated on the motorized sports industry? Precisely because I work in this industry, and I find that it does not seem to want to jump onto the train that is passing in front of it. See for yourself … view the internet sites of your ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile or boat retailers.



‘‘Are they suitable for the Y generation, the millennials?  Are they ‘‘responsive’’ (adapting  to  tablet or smart phone resolution)? Are they up to date? Do they offer the possibility of following them on social media? Are these social networks maintained?  Do you receive a reply when you write to them? How many developed mobile applications on motorized sports are there?’’

The outdoors indoors :(

For a sport like motorcycling, the ATV or snowmobiling to have a succession from generation to generation, businesses, media and industry leaders must find means to reach these new  fans  as soon as possible. These days, the young do not go out as much as before to have fun or to spend their energy. With video games, the internet, Youtube, Netflix, Spotify and all the virtual systems at their disposal, riding bicycles, or an ATV or any other ways of enjoying themselves outdoors become diluted and habits are lost. Outdoor activities are simulated indoors!!!



Since habits change, we might as well adapt.   

Before, we could reach customers via advertising in the newspapers, magazines and on radio or with ‘‘billboards’’ along the highways. Today, these mediums are still accessible, but it would be more likely that you succeed in reaching them through television, web sites, blogs, mobility and all that is called new media!



Here are some on my suggestions for businesses in the industry:

  • Adapt your presence on new media and online so they are up to date and dynamic
    • Start by refreshing your web site
    • Be present and well-represented on the social networks
    • Be interested in new media. Read.
  • Be entertaining
    • Offer something new, different experiences
    • Don’t just sell. Offer your expertise, advice, evaluations or little tricks which will allow them to benefit more from their equipment
    • Be as humane as possible in this virtual world!
  • Dare
    • Surprise your customers, go off the beaten paths! (What a great pun!)
    • Develop products that use technology or reinvent it
    • Do what others do not do. Stand out!
  • Create personalized content
    • What do your present and future customers want to know?
    • Offer them personalized and pertinent information when they need it.
    • Become the experts in your field of interest
    • Get involved and make the time for it! (Do it well or not at all!)
  • Maintain your reputation online
    • No one likes having people talking behind their back. Not paying attention to your reputation online is like wanting to ignore what people say about you or what they want to say to you.

I do not claim to have the miracle solution for the motorized sports industry to be better equipped to face the technology era, but I sincerely believe that it can’t hurt it.

While we are at it!

And while we are at it, here is a short list of social networks (with explanations), and some examples to inspire you.


This may sound self-serving:  Please note that I use Kimpex as an example in many cases because we have applied the suggestions mentioned earlier in the text.


Some social networks:

KPNews_Evens_Sheehy_6Facebook - Most important social network on the planet. You should be on it. (like our page while you’re there!)



YouTube - Second most popular search engine in the world following Google (Furthermore, YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube videos appear in Google search results). (Subscribe to our chain while you are at it!)



Twitter - This network allows you to follow anybody on the planet.  Excellent to stay informed, but also to be informed… in 140 characters or less. (Follow us while you are at it!)



LinkedIn - This network is more oriented towards professionals, (meaning profession). Ideal for recruiting.



Pinterest - This network serves to post photos that interest you and share them with users who can then repost them. Ideal for product  announcements  and achievements! (Subscribe while you are at it!)



Instagram - This social network serves to share pictures taken on the spur of the moment (with a cell phone).  Available on mobile app only. (Subscribe while you are at it!)


KPNews_Evens_Sheehy_12Foursquare - This social network allows users to register ‘‘geolocally’’ in order to announce the areas worthy of interest where they are located.


These are the main networks presently being used by consumers in the motorized sports industry. To view a more extensive list of currently available social networks, go to:

And while you are at it, you can also make comments below!!!

Evens Sheehy



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