Fails in Powersport Top 10

Posted by Jessika Morin on 16, Sep 2015
Jessika Morin

The famous ‘‘fails ‘’ in sports! What would we do without them? These moments captured at the height of absurdity.  At times involuntary, and sometimes totally reflective and perfectly stupid.  I have identified some pictures that speak for themselves. Here is my Fails in Powersport Top 10!


1. ‘‘I had a budget just for the ATV’’KPNews_Fail_powersport_1

For more fun:


2. ‘‘I will test the brakes from a new angle’’KPNews_Fail_powersport_2


3. Driving at 180 degreesKPNews_Fail_powersport_3


4. An ATV and stiletto heels will not end well!!!


5. Motorcycle launch and spinKPNews_Fail_powersport_5

Interminable accident:


6. It’s bath time! ‘‘I prefer full size toys’’ 


7. ‘‘Unfortunately it did not make wouellay! ‘’


8. ’’ Not fast enough for my taste’’


9.   ‘‘No comment’’KPNews_Fail_powersport_9


10. The biggest fail of his life…KPNews_Fail_powersport_10







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