Going tubing today? 10 things to remember.

Posted by PropNote on 08, Sep 2014


I have been on the water recently and I have seen a boater pulling young adults in a tube. So far nothing too special about it right? Perhaps except that the boater was in an industrial area where one side a ship was dock and being filled-in with whole grains while on the other side of the river ... two large tug boats were pushing on the side of another large ship to dock the boat. Come on be alert at all time!

You want to be a good captain then a lot of common sense must come into play, choose the right body of water for your water toy activities!
[h3]10 tips for a safe and fun tubing day on the water![/h3]




1- Make sure that your gears are all in good shape before leaving the dock. This way you will prevent surprises once you’re in the middle of the lake or river.





2- Check your stock! Make sure you have the tow rope, 12 volts pumps for towable tubes, proper life jackets, etc.





3- Make sure you have enough gas in the fuel tank.






4- Proper personal floatation devices: when doing your water fun activities, you should avoid using the inexpensive universal vests from mass merchants or the ones that were given away with your new boat. You should buy yourself and your guests those pfd’s that have closed sides and 3 to 4 points buckles. Unfortunately, one size may not fit all so you may want to have 2 or 3 of them. You may not need to buy an all neoprene pfd’s as some manufacturer’s like Airhead will offer vests that are made of nylon and neoprene thus driving the cost down and still have the good feel of neoprene.




5- Make sure that the boating area is wide enough so that the towable tube can do 360 degree turns with no problem at all time. Otherwise use your judgment and you may have to maintain straight lines all day long.





6- Make sure that you are practicing your fun activities away from rocks, buoys, docks, etc.





7- Make sure you brought your camera! It’s always fun to share your pictures on Facebook or videos on Youtube!





8- Make sure that everyone understand how to communicate with the boat (same water ski’s hand signage applies to other water activities such as wakeboarding, tubing, kneeboarding, etc. ) (I’ll write something about those sign soon!).





9- Make sure your fellow guests are all under control so that you don’t lose control of who is the boss onboard.





10- Oh also, do I have to remind you to be sober for the best judgment possible at all time?



Whit those easy-to-follow steps, you should have a fun and safety day on the water and all your guests will thank you for that!

See you soon!



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