There’s a New Player in Town - HONDA TALON

Posted by KimpexWP on 07, Dec 2018


Honda reveals last week his new Side by Side the Talon for now available in two versions,
the 1000X and the 1000R. For decades, Honda has put in the hands of consumers high
quality products and want to continue this way with the new Talon. The newcomer already
amazes more than one with his construction quality and presented performance.


1000R VS 1000X

The X version has been developed for more technical driving in terrain that requires precise
driving. It excels in difficult conditions when you need to be 100% in control.

The R version of the Talon is especially distinguished in driving at high speed in open terrain
like deserts, vast expanses. With a suspension calibrated especially for violent impacts and
even jumps, the 1000R is the most aggressive version of the Talon with a total width of 68.4''
compared to the X version which is 64''.

To find out more about the Honda Talon, visit the official Honda website.


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