Chart Your Own Course With Commander

Posted by Kimpex on 08, Feb 2018

Commander Tracks

 Commander Tracks

Established in 2005, the Commander brand is continually pushing boundaries after more than a decade of experience in the design and production of track kits for ATVs and UTVs. With their ever more innovative products, Commander stands out in the market today with the best tracks for flotation, design and performance.


Commander’s Expertise

Preceded by several generations, the last family of tracks developed by Commander comes from a long line of innovations, backed by more than ten patents, both licensed and pending.  Resulting from all the company’s accumulated experience, the WS4 (ATV), WS4 L-Ratio (ATV) and WSS4 (UTV) tracks include the features that contributed to the renown of previous brands.


Commander Tracks


Tracks Suitable for Different Needs

Whether the tracks are to be used by woodsmen or trail explorers, Commander has products suitable for all types of applications.

For more recreational use or even for carrying out some heavy-duty work, the WS4 (ATV) and WSS4 (UTV) tracks will be up to the task. With a speed 35% slower than tires, these tracks will let you venture off the trails whether covered with deep snow or muddy swamps.

For those who want to use their ATV mainly as an efficient tool, the WS4 L-Ratio tracks would be more suitable. With their smaller sprocket diameter, they transfer 15% more force to the tracks, regardless of engine power. Consequently, even a small-engine ATV will be able to carry out big jobs.




Sprockets, wheels and tracks made in Drummondville, Québec, Canada

Who better than winter enthusiasts to design and manufacture powerful tracks suitable for both snow and mud?  An all-Canadian design, Commander also contracts out the manufacturing of tracks, wheels and sprockets to Canadian companies.


Where the Tracks Will Lead You

Commander rivals well with the competition because of its expertise built up through its products. Commander tracks are innovative, agile, reliable and robust for intense work or enjoyment, and have proven to be trustworthy for adventures off the beaten path.


Visit the to discover the different Commander tracks available. 


Chart your own course with Commander!


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