How to get backcountry ready?

Posted by Mathieu Lavoie on 16, Nov 2016
Mathieu Lavoie

How to get backcountry ready? - Clothing, Equipment, Food and more!

When going backcountry riding, it is very important to prepare an ride in order to avoid any unpleasant surprise during the day. I know… because I have often made that kind of mistake! So, going backcountry is fun but in real terms, what can be done to put the best chances on our side to enjoy the best possible day?



When backcountry snowmobiling , we must never be too cold or too warm. The worst thing that can happen on an ride is to get warm, take a break and then start freezing.

This is why it’s very important to wear thin layered clothing. The more layers of clothing we wear, the better we can adjust to the temperature. Typically, when I plan to go backcountry, I wear a short sweater as well as a long warmer sweater.


How to get backcountry ready? - Equipment - HMK backpack


Bringing assistive equipment may seem odd… until we really need it. Imagine if, after an hour of backcountry in the mountains, you get stuck! Then you realize that you should have taken a rope to get out of it!

So, a rope is a must on your list! Then, a shovel is virtually indispensable! And by the way, Kimpex does distribute HMK products such as a backpack and nice metal shovel!



People neglect to eat well and to keep well hydrated when going backcountry. If anything, it’s an extremely demanding sport. That is why drinking a lot of water is imperative. A sport beverage such as Gatorade is an excellent idea. Typically, I start drinking in the afternoon to give me enough energy to end the day.

If you bring a lunch, make sure to favour carbohydrates and proteins. If that is not possible, it is always easy to compensate with your favorite energy bars.


And most importantly…!

We can never stress this enough: do not go backcountry snowmobiling alone! A simple accident can become a tragedy! Better not take a chance: bring a friend! And, when you take a break, it’s always more pleasant to talk with someone than to watch the time go by.

Obviously, everyone has their little tips and habits, but what’s important is not to forget anything that could compromise your safety. You are already on the right road when you have the proper clothing, equipment, food, and several friends!


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