Uniden MSH 235 and MSH 126 models communication devices test

Posted by Jean-Pierre Veillette on 08, Sep 2016
Jean-Pierre Veillette

Uniden MSH 235 and MSH 126 models communication devices test



Uniden MSH 235 and MSH 126 models
communication devices test


When : 2016 Spring and Summer
What : Fishing trip
Place : Lake Châteauvert (Northwest of LaTuque)
Participants : Mathieu Veillette, Viateur Veillette and me (Jean-Pierre Veillette).. and a 15 pounds pike !!!

Communications on large bodies of water in the North are often difficult.
This is why we tested two Uniden communication devices, i.e. the MSH 35 and MSH 126 models, which allowed us to communicate between watercrafts over large distances and to coordinate our search for schools of walleye and pike.


Uniden MSH 235 and MSH 126 models informations

About Uniden MSH 235 and MSH 126 models

We found that the range of the Uniden CBs was about 3 to 4 km between our two boats. In our June and July outings, the integrated echo-sounders gave us water temperature readings varying between 69°F and 72°F, ideal for pike fishing.

The MHS 235 model, which we tested on the lake, gave us a range of more than 3 km despite the obstructions of trees and deep bays. However, clear communications tended to diminish after 3 km. Depending on atmospheric conditions, there was some interference, but in a straight line on the lake, communications were clear over 6 km with only 5 watts.

The MHS 126 model gave us clear communications over 2.5 km (500 m less), with obstructions. As for the unobstructed distance in a straight line, communications were clear over 5 km with 5 watts.

These tests were carried out on three occasions, i.e. May, June and July 2016. Since atmospheric pressure is not same in summer as in winter, performance of the devices could vary considerably.

The UNIDEN Atlantis 250 communication system we had previously tested had a range of 8 km in the fall of 2015 when the trees were bare, which decreased obstructions.

Find more technical information and pricing range on Uniden products here.


fishing trip with Uniden MSH 235 and MSH 126 communication devices

Back to fishing

During our June and July outings, the particularly hot temperatures made walleye fishing more difficult. We therefore began our fishing adventure in grassy bays fed by brooks and small rivers where we found grass pike that could put up a very good fight!

Viateur, my son Mathieu and I took a boat and headed for Huron Bay where the Touridi River flows into Lake Châteauvert.

In this superb bay with a view on impressive mountains, it took about 30 minutes to reach the area where the Touridi River flowed into the lake.

Just after anchoring near the rapids, Mathieu threw his red and white spinner into the bottom of the rapids, and almost immediately caught a biggie. He yelled to Viateur: “‘Hand me the scoop!” Oopsie, we had left the scoop at the camp!

So I picked up my portable Uniden CB to contact Maximilien and Christian who were fishing about 2.5 km from us in the same bay.

In less than 10 minutes, they arrived with a scoop and were able to land the trophy fish that Mathieu was holding at the end of his line for almost 20 minutes!

The final result was a superb 15 lb pike and we owe it to the Uniden CB!


Uniden MSH 235 and MSH 126 Test - Fishing trip - July 2016 - Mathieu and Viateur Veillette and... 15 pounds pike! July 2016 - Mathieu and Viateur Veillette and... 15 pounds pike!


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