A photochromic visor, luxury or "must" ?

Posted by Marie-Ève Voyer on 28, Jun 2016
Marie-Ève Voyer

helmet with a photochromic visor
I often see on blogs many publications concerning the photochromic visor. I was curious, or rather sceptical, so I decided to buy one. Since August 2015, I am riding with a transition visor over my Bell Qualifier DLX helmet.

More specifically, what is it?

It is a unique visor that changes colour depending on the UV rays reaching the visor. At night, the visor will be totally clear. During the day, when it is cloudier, the visor slightly darkens and becomes light grey, still allowing a very good visibility. And it darkens when exposed to full sunlight.

helmet with photochromic visor during the night (clear visor), during the day when it's cloudier (light grey visor) and during the day when it's full sunlight (dark grey visor)


For a few months now, I have been riding only with this visor. I really love it ! I don’t need to subject myself to the discomfort of tinted glasses under my helmet or have a replacement visor. The photochromic visor constantly adapts to light conditions. For example, if you ride in sunlight and go through a tunnel, the visor adjusts very quickly, without disturbing your vision or driving. It is ideal for riding on both road and trails. Furthermore, for all those like me who wear eye glasses, you need not worry about choosing between your glasses or your sunglasses. I can now have the best possible vision while increasing my bike driving safety.


Since my purchase, I have ridden with this visor in good weather, bad weather, when the sun was at its highest and late at night at the end of the season. I am 100% satisfied with my photochromic visor as I have found no fault in it.

I think that the transition visor is a "must" in our equipment as motorcyclists and I strongly recommend it.

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