Destination Monts-Valin: Backountry Experience

Posted by Vincent Bourque-Veilleux on 03, May 2016
Vincent Bourque-Veilleux

destination monts-valin

It’s almost -40 ° C outside. It is cold chilling, but I still go out with a big smile and I’m enthusiastic to start the day. Why? There is 60 cm of new snow on the grown and I 'm going to ride a backcountry snowmobile with Destination Monts-Valin.


destination monts-valin

Backcountry Snowmobiling

First: What is the backcountry snowmobiling? Simple, it requires a powerful snowmobile, light and a long track. Then you have to find a place with lots and lots of fresh snow and very steep hill. All this in order to successfully climb as high as possible and have fun with your friends!


Destination Monts-Valin

The Team

We were a bunch of riders despite the arctic climate. A small presentation of the team is necessary: Jean-Daniel, friendly guide and owner of Destination Monts-Valin. 2 colleagues at Kimpex to try the new Titan helmet, and here to have fun! Guillaume guest reporter there to enjoy the experience of backcountry. And Backcountry Saguenay team who are real enthusiasts and professionals mountain sled riders! So we have people at different levels and it will be nice to see others do.


Destination Monts-Valin

Hours of fun

As soon as I arrived I felt welcome in this crazy team. After talking a few minutes to learn a bit, we were each on our sled. Riding in the little narrow paths and with the indispensable help of J-D (he is very familiar with his part of the country), it did not take long to find places perfect backcountry spaces. Lots of snow and hours of fun ahead. Arriving at a lake with snow out of sight, the image was perfect. It was breathtaking to see the guys go for alternating from skiing to another to "track" the field. Wow!


Destination Monts-Valin

The Experience

Involving several people with different skill levels, J-D has adapted to each and put his experience to work with everyone. This type of activity is as much for a beginner to someone who wants to improve his skills. For my part, it was not my first time on a snowmobile. So I easily got around doing the slalom in the snow at every turn. An incomparable feeling! Moving on many uncharted territories with virgin snow aplenty, we all had fun like children.

Destination Monts-Valin

I must say there were lots of intensity in the air and the temperature was really more of a liability after several minutes of pure fun. I even managed to be sweating in my winter suite, all this despite the -35 °C felt that day.


Destination Monts-Valin

The Beast

Riding a rental vehicle (Polaris RMK Pro 2014), I was thrilled with this super-efficient machine that eats tons of snow and that surprises with its monstrous capacity. Moreover, all machines that are for rent (or mountain path) are in excellent condition as repairs are made on site when necessary. You can even count on them for a quick repair if your personal sled experiences a problem during your experience. Another advantage of Destination Monts-Valin.



Deep Snow

Driving my powerful machine through the mountains, I felt more and more comfortable despite some fails. I must say that when you fall in 6-8 feet of snow, it absorbs well. No pain, but you must reach out of this overabundance of snow! Although it takes a huge effort, one can count on his gang. It is like a big family that is always there to help each other.


Destination Monts-Valin

Pro Rider

During the day, I realized how much there is a marked difference between an amateur and a "pro rider". Backcountry Saguenay team and J-D have proven their talent at every opportunity by going above. Trying even more spectacular climb as the day progressed. We even got a jump show.


Destination Monts-Valin

The Paradise

It was very inspiring to watch them. They demonstrated a disconcerting ease to maneuver their snowmobile no matter the situation or field style. Although you can notice it with videos and photos to support in this article, it's much more impressive to observe in real time!

I have long had a grudge against the winter because it's cold, snow shoveling, ice, etc ... Gradually I learned to appreciate more with winter sports and especially power sports. I must admit that this incredible day with Destination Monts-Valin ad me thinking that paradise is perhaps white and full of snow. A huge playground for powersports maniacs!

KimpexNews was there to live a unique experience ... Stay connected to know what’s next!


Destination Monts-Valin information and reservations:

For details on packages offered by Destination Monts-Valin, visit their website. And do not wait to book one of the best "trips" of your life!

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