Kimpex Adjustable Canoe Carrier Test

Posted by Mathieu Filion on 03, Feb 2016
Mathieu Filion

Installation and Kimpex Adjustable Canoe Carrier Test

There are a large number of trails, brooks, rivers and lakes in the area where we usually have such fun. Yet, only a few of these locations are accessible by truck. At the beginning of the season or after periods of heavy rain, they even become impassable.

Several locations can be accessible by 4WDs and sometimes, using suitable equipment, you can even pull a boom boat. However, many remote trails are very narrow and are closed. Using a 4WD to reach those locations and fish from the shore yields mixed results. You then need to portage a canoe and this takes much time and effort.

One solution was readily at hand: a KIMPEX canoe rack. This is a magical solution to an access problem. We can finally reach those under-used and wild lakes or rivers.

Assembling the rack is rather easy, but instructions are very scanty. Adjustments could be more flexible and have a better bracing mechanism. For example, only a nut is used to block the cross member extensions. A system with holes and latches would be easier to use. Once the assembly is done and well adjusted, the rack is rather strong and stable. It took us approximately 3 hours to finalize the assembly.

canoe carrier

It is imperative to fasten the canoe at both ends of the rack to avoid excessive pitch movements of the 4WD vehicle. It is also important to adapt your driving style and be very careful to prevent rollovers. Adding the rack and a 40-kg boat – which is much longer than the vehicle – shifts the center of gravity towards the top, which could result in serious accidents. Watch out for steeper uphill and downhill areas as they might cause front or back toppling. Take all turns very gently.

canoe carrier

First Journeys

For our first trip, we picked a lake located at approximately 7 kilometers from our country cottage. We only had one boat for four anglers, meaning that two would be fishing from the shore and two on the lake. We did not know if this lake would yield pike or trout. Upon our arrival, a beautiful black bear welcomed us about 300 meters across the lake. Caution was of the essence for the next few hours!

Following a random draw, my brother-in-law and my godson could use the canoe to go on the lake with trout-fishing equipment. We were at the end of June and it was hot. My son and I were designated to fish from the shore using pike-fishing equipment. Fortunately, the lake level was low and we could walk along the bank over long stretches of sand.

canoe carrier

After 45 minutes of unsuccessful fishing, my son Cristian finally hooked a beautiful 4 lb pike. He was of course very excited to be the first to catch a fish. Right away, we call out to our partners to change the hooks and go into “pike mode”. Two hours later and after unhooking several spinner baits for my godson, we brought a few pikes to the base camp. We then put back the boat on the rack…, which now takes only 10 minutes to secure.



fishing trip

We also used the canoe rack to carry more boats to remote lakes, as we didn’t always want to  transport the same boat; this allowed us to bring another canoe so that our neighbours and friends could also enjoy fishing on the water.

New applications are emerging. One can also use the canoe rack to transport materials. For example, one can use it as a hiding structure for hunting, or to carry baits to prepare one’s territory.

The important thing is to adapt your driving style because danger is near.

Have fun and discover new territories!

Mathieu Filion

Columnist, recreational hunting, fishing and outdoor activities

PS: Future adventures involving the rack’s wide range of applications will be brought to you in our upcoming columns.

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