Portable Winch: Pull everything that goes through your head!

Posted by Vincent Bourque-Veilleux on 02, Jul 2015
Vincent Bourque-Veilleux


The Portable Winch is equipped with a gasoline or electric motor that allows you to carry out an impressive number of tasks. It is a very practical and portable Quebec product for whoever likes to work on their land, and the many accessories available make it versatile equipment. It lends itself to a multitude of uses such as: motorized sports, forestry, hunting, Industrial applications, rescue… your imagination is the only limitation.




Made to withstand and work hard, the portable winch comes in a box or a very practical carrying bag. Several models are available. The largest model (PCW5000) provides nominal traction of 2200 lbs… A ton!  But wait, with the twinning of the optional pulleys offered, this weight can be quadrupled, thus reaching an incredible drawing load of 8800 lbs!


After using it just a few times, you quickly become used to its simple and efficient functioning. A solid anchoring point such as a tree, ATV, rock or even a car, and the system is ready to pull whatever you can think of.


Portable Winch test


Motorized sports/vehicles: Whether you are stuck in the mud, snow, sand or whatever your situation may be, the Portable Winch can help you. The advantage of such a system compared with the conventional winch is that it can be used at 360° all around the vehicle, or even vertically, while a basic winch draws forward or forward/backward with certain models.

I have tried the winch in the snow and ‘‘mud’’ and the system is very efficient when an anchoring point is nearby. However, when mountain snowmobiling, it is rather difficult to pull the machine toward the top in deep snow.  In addition, we must pay special attention when doing side traction with a vehicle since certain components could be damaged by the astonishing force of the Portable Winch.


Hunting: The PCW5000 model does the job without flinching to claim its hunting trophy… Once again, the system is very powerful and continuous attention is necessary not to damage antlers proudly brought down when they are caught up in roots or trees!

During this activity, I would have preferred the less impressive (PCW3000) model which also lets you shoot a nice 1000 pound moose, but with transport weight cut in half (20 lbs. vs some 35 lbs. for the model being tested).

With many kilometers of abrupt paths to travel to recover our beast, much energy was spent and the day seemed longer than expected. But despite this, the day was definitely not as long as it would have been had we dissected the animal on the spot to bring it back in quarters on our shoulders or with a sled. That‘s why, ideally, I recommend the PCW3000 model for hunting.


Forest: The application where I probably had the most fun trying the Portable Winch was at the family estate. Several blocks of wood and trees were brought in, and in a very respectable time frame. The amount of work accomplished in such a short time is amazing.

Being used to work with a tractor equipped with a winch, the Portable Winch clearly showed me its advantage in causing less of an impact on the environment and the new vegetation. And It must be noted that a Portable Winch is also much less costly than a forestry tractor and the productivity level it can reach is surprising!

In addition, a plastic cone can be added as an option to further protect the new growth shoots.


Industrial applications: In this sector, many types of companies already use Portable Winch, such as the electricity sector, to pull cables, erect poles, set up transformers, etc. The construction sector also uses it to pull up materials to high scaffolding.


Rescue: Firemen, paramedics and other first-aid professionals use this winch system to carry out rescue operations in difficult to access areas   where proper equipment is a key factor in saving lives.

Conclusion of this test: The Portable Winch is a very efficient system offering a full range of applications… use it yourself and you will see that.

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