Prepping your motocross for the summer

Posted by Mélissa R.Paré on 08, May 2015
Mélissa R.Paré

Prepping your motocross before the summer is very important for the bike but also for your own safety, preventing many headaches! Each rider has his own techniques; here is mine. I will explain in detail in three steps, from the minimum required to more advance maintenance.


First, the engine, which is probably the most important part of your bike. For engine maintenance, I suggest the following:

At the very least, for a four-stroke bike, you must change the oil and oil filter. At the same time, it is recommended to change the gasket of the oil filter as well as the sealing ring of the oil drain bolt.

For a two-stroke bike, it is recommended to change the spark plug.

For both categories of bikes, I strongly recommend changing the cooling liquid (Prestone), because during the summer, it becomes extremely hot.

I advise you to do a bit more. For instance, you can bleed your brake lines, or purge the air from your cables. You need only to take a look in your maintenance manual which often describes how to proceed. If this is not the case, I suggest a search on the Internet as many on-line videos are offered on the subject. And while you are at it, clean the brake pads and discs with an appropriate cleaning agent and replace as needed.

For models with a hydraulic clutch, you must also bleed the clutch line.

For two-stroke models, after taking the bike out of winter storage, all you need to do is fill it with new fuel. If it has not been done, I suggest you empty the fuel tank and clean the carburetor.

For an engine overhaul, you should reassemble the engine completely, i.e., change the piston as well as any damaged parts, and then have the valves realigned. I suggest you use a skilled mechanic who has experience in motocross bikes, especially your brand and model. This will guarantee quality work, a job well done and in less time, therefore less costly.

You must not neglect the preparation of the chassis, commonly called the ‘‘body’’. This will allow you to keep your motocross longer and in better condition.


The minimum to do before the summer will certainly be the aesthetic maintenance. Start with a good cleaning of your bike by removing all plastic covers, and wash the bike well all over. Then, tighten all the bike’s screws and bolts.

Change the wheel ball bearings if necessary, or simply lube them if in good condition.  Change the tires and inner tubes if needed.

When taking the bike out of winter storage, I suggest you change the front suspension gaskets and oil.

Change also the chain and sprockets, and don’t forget to lubricate your chain depending on the type of terrain you will be riding on.


If you want to go an extra mile, I recommend changing and/or lubing the swingarm ball bearings and the steering ball bearings.

You should also lubricate your gas line and remove your throttle tube to clean it properly. Always ask for an experienced mechanic’s help when in doubt, because a poorly installed throttle can become stuck, causing undesirable consequences.

For an overhaul of your motocross chassis, you may change all plastic parts as well as the handles.

Changing your exhaust insulation will also be a very important course of action if you are riding in noise-sensitive environments. The insulation is affordable and you just need a riveting machine. Your mechanic can easily do this job for you.

Even if you only do the bare minimum, it is recommended to adequately maintain your bike throughout the season.  Change the air filter often, clean it well, dry it and oil it properly before reinstalling. Change your oil frequently and make sure you check your engine, brake and cooling liquid levels each time you use your bike.  Promptly replace any defective part.

A great season begins with good preparation, have a great summer!

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