Best places for mountain snowmobiling in Canada

Posted by Mathieu Lavoie on 10, Dec 2014
Mathieu Lavoie

We can almost call it a religious war when we try to determine the best place to snowmobile in Quebec, so imagine in Canada! Failing to find the best, here is a list of THE most beautiful places where we can enjoy mountain snowmobiling.


In Québec

  • The Monts-Valin
    The Monts-Valin are a bit like the Mecca of mountain snowmobiling in Québec, surely due to the fact that it is closer to the major centres than the other good ‘‘spots’’ in Québec. The Monts are especially popular, thanks to their ski centre, their Valinouet chalets for rent, and the Km31 auberge (inn).

  • The Chic-Chocs
    To say you have ridden in the Chic-Chocs is a real privilege which we have a right to brag about. In addition, there are so many off-trail guides there!

  • The Monts-Groulx
    A less known area but no less interesting for mountain enthusiasts is without a doubt located on the North Shore. In fact, the Monts-Groulx are really underestimated. They are on my list of places to visit.



Elsewhere in Canada

If you have the budget, the desire and the time, going outside Québec could become a mountain destination that will leave an imprint in your memory. In addition, we supply you with the guides, of course. Who are these famous guides? The Slednecks themselves, in person! The likes of Chris brown, Geoff Kyle and even Quebecer Julie-Ann Chapman offer you mountain snowmobiling clinics. Numerous locations in Western Canada are dream destinations, among some of which are:

  • Pemberton
    Situated in British Columbia, this location offers many mountain clinics. But this town stands out with one in particular: a clinic especially designed for women! Quebecer Julie-Ann Chapman has taken up residence here to offer mountain training for women. Gentlemen, it could be a great way to initiate your wife!

  • Whistler
    Whistler is a favorite as well for mountain snowmobiling. There again, we do not see any names when looking at offers posted for mountain guides. None other than Chris Brown and KJ Johansson are among them!



In conclusion, we can consider ourselves lucky to have so many places to enjoy mountain snowmobiling in our country. Many people must pay for a trip to Canada to be able to enjoy such an experience. We invite you to share your favourite place for mountain snowmobiling with us!

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