Is it time to replace your motorcycle helmet?

Posted by KimpexWP on 21, Jun 2018


Although mandatory, your helmet is probably the most important protective equipment for your biking rides. You probably still love the old helmet you bought a few years ago and its perfect colour and style. Although it may still be comfortable, it may be time to change it. “Some would say: a helmet is good for life!” Not really. Let’s take a look together why you may want to rethink this.   


Many factors affect the longevity of your favorite helmet. Actually, the maintenance and the frequency of use during the year are important factors that will more or less determine how long you keep your helmet.  Just like your shoes, your helmet also shows wear and tear with time.  More specifically, your helmet is equipped with an inside lining that increases comfort and provides sufficient support on your head.  Several manufacturers offer replacement of this liner. Take the time to find out from your local dealer.


Are you the kind of rider who likes to maintain his equipment? A well-maintained helmet definitely has a longer service life. If you have a more recent and quality helmet, the famous inside lining we spoke of earlier is detachable and washable. Oh yes, one wash cycle and you’re off!  Take the time as well to adjust the screws on your visor, and wash the inside and outside of the shell. What better than clean equipment and a clean motorcycle? You can find helmet care kit to help you out. 




In the event of an accident, replace your helmet! Even if it seems intact, its structure could be damaged. Your helmet weakens every time it experiences a shock. Don’t forget that the helmet you wear is the only equipment protecting your head. It is definitely worthwhile investing a few dollars to have one in good condition. Your helmet is somewhat like your airbags in your car. You do see where I am heading…


“A helmet has a maximum life of 5 years.” You have surely heard that somewhere. This takes us back to the beginning. Yes and no. It all depends on your use and general maintenance. Keep in mind that helmets also evolve. Your helmet is surely not the latest, the ventilation ports are certainly less efficient and it probably has become noisier over time. You will be the judge of its condition.


Oh yes, one last little tip: we very, very strongly advise you to buy only a new helmet. A used one may have been dropped several times, its interior has taken on the shape of a head not your own, not to mention some residual sweat; nothing really interesting. Kimpex have a lot of differents helmet for you to suits your riding need. 

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