CKX 2020 Launch

Posted by Dave Bélanger on 27, Feb 2019
Dave Bélanger


Kimpex was among the retailers, ambassadors and winter sports enthusiasts who have come to assist with the launch of the new 2020 CKX helmet, apparel and accessories.

From the first moments, the mood was set for the night and the development of the entire 2020 collection were highlighted: protection from the outside elements and wicking away moisture. Although design and style are the criteria of choice for consumers, CKX strongly believes that it is technology and product quality will primarily enable the brand to stand out with regard to performance and comfort.





Les nouveautés 

News about helmets: Mission, AMS Technology, TRANZ and Titan

The highlight of the night : the new Mission helmet and the AMS technology. Developed in the utmost secrecy by the engineering team, the new mission helmet is inspired by the enduro style with its adjustable and removable peak. It also has an oversized visor that once raised completely clears the mouth.

The Mission is a new lightweight and stealthy full-face helmet, it offers increased protection against the cold and a considerable reduction of noise. All to please trail riders.

What’s so special ? The integration of AMS technology. . The AMS (Air Management System) is an innovative system that helps to efficiently remove moist exhaled air. In addition to providing unparalleled comfort, the system contributes to reducing internal fogging, frost and condensation.

Accomplishing two things at once, the AMS technology is also integrated in the popular CKX Tranz helmet, which gives it a new young look!

The Titan, still thrilling enthusiasts, it is now available in new colours and new graphic designs.







Clothing : New membrane, colors and insulation. 

To face the elements, armour is called for. In 2020, CKX will offer a new performance line for one-piece suits and 3-in-1 jackets. For this collection aimed at moderate-to high-intensity activities, basic materials were reworked layer by layer: from the main fabric and its membrane to the new Vivo insulation. The result is better waterproofing (20k) and better breathability (15k) which will please the more adventurous.

In addition, CKX decided to maintain the availability and improve the quality of the comfort line (5k-5k) outfits that keep the body warm, which is one of the most sought after features.  







The multi-layering principle is the basis of the CKX collection’s strategy, which will introduce complementary products with middle-layer design. In 2020, the multifunctional lining offered in the 3-in-1 models will also be available separately. CKX is adding insulated shorts to keep the seat warm. Designed to avoid hampering mobility, the insulated shorts ensure additional protection for the lower body when it’s very cold. Both the lining and the shorts come with the Vivo insulation. The surface of this new material has small openings to improve breathability without reducing the clothing’s thermal performance.


Highly appreciated by enthusiasts this season, the CKX base layer line will be back. Much like a second skin, the knit of synthetic fibres blended in the undergarments contribute to wicking away moisture, optimizing the efficiency of the other layers.    







In 2020, innovation, technology and raw material quality will define CKX’s orientations. But what draws attention is this will to reinvent itself, and go beyond. CKX is a source of inspiration to all enthusiasts who share the dream of Experimenting Winter.


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