Click n Go 2 can handle it all!

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Click n Go 2 can handle it all!

Is heavy snowfall expected soon? What if plenty of snow meant having more fun? With the effortless 15-second installation of your ATV / UTV Click n Go 2 plow system,

snow removal will become child’s play!



Proudly designed in Drummondville

Proudly designed and developed by Groupe Soucy Drummondville’s engineering team, the Click n Go 2 plow system is the result of many years of research and work. The Click n Go journey began in 2007 when the system was presented in its original version. Tough and efficient, the Click n Go1 broke into the market featuring an effortless “one click” quick installation without having to squat (patent pending). In the following years, the plow system evolved into the Click n Go 1.5. Though it is in all aspects identical to the original, the new plow system now has a more compact bracket with better ground clearance, thus reducing the risk of hitting obstacles underneath the vehicle, especially in rugged terrain.

Driven by a profound desire to continually improve the product, engineers and technicians continued to work on refining the plow system. And so, the Click n Go 2 was launched in 2014. The improved system is made of an innovative double point pivot that optimizes the lift of the plow at 16.” The push frame’s elongated shape combined with compact central mounting enhances push efficiency. Two pedals added to the frame now allows for effortless adjustment of the plow angle or a quick release of the push frame and the plow.



The Click n Go 2’s competitive advantages

With its double pivot point (patent-pending), the Click n Go 2 is unique and compares favorably with other plow systems on the market. The Click n Go 2’s push efficiency and the optimized height of the plow strengthen its foothold among the most efficient plow systems, while remaining affordable.

The Click n Go 2’s bracket adapters allow the quick attach system to be mounted on most ATV / UTV vehicles (90%). Once the bracket is in place, 15 seconds is all you’ll need to attach the plow system, effortlessly, without crawling under the vehicle.


From snow removal to landscaping, versatile accessories

Besides the metal plow (50”, 54”, 60”, 66” and 72”), an unbreakable, shock absorbing plastic plow (60”) is available. They are both equipped with a handle for ease of use.

Although the Click n Go 2 is a valuable tool for snow removal, it can be just as useful to perform other tasks once the snow has melted. The 42” bucket loader will help transport your topsoil and rocks, making your outdoor work so much easier.

Drift cutters for plow blades, synthetic cables for winches, flags and replacement parts are also available. A frame extension allows you to use the plow system along with a track kit.




All it takes is 15 seconds!

Transform your recreational vehicle into an efficient working tool in 15 seconds!  Effective and versatile, the Click n Go 2 plow system adapts to your needs and allows you to carry out all kinds of work using the full potential of your ATV / UTV.

Don’t fear the snow squalls, Click n Go 2 Plow Systems can handle it all!

Click here to learn more about the Click n go2 system.

Visit the website to discover the different Click n go 2 system available.

 * The Click n Go 2 System requires a winch for optimal use.



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