Summer Edition CKX TITAN Helmet

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The most versatile off-road helmet!

Drummondville, august 17th 2016 – CKX is proud to launch the SUMMER EDITION TITAN helmet. Available in spring 2017, you’ll hear about it for sure! The CKX TITAN stands out with its off-road look and its modular helmet advantages.

It was during the launch of the 2017 CKX summer collection on august 15th 2016, that CKX unveiled the new SUMMER EDITION CKX TITAN; the most VERSATILE helmet of its class. Undoubtedly, as it did with the Winter edition, the Titan was able, once again, to make heads turn.

In its explicative brochure, it reads: Originating from our deepest roots, our constant craving for innovation propelled us towards unchartered territories. This commitment to continuously improve the experience of enthusiasts only reinforces our innate ability to work as a team, to achieve our ultimate goal: the highest level of excellence. CKX has worked hard to provide a helmet that meets enthusiasts’ needs. It's their time to take advantage of it and wear their passion!

The TITAN is in symbiosis with the rider, adapting through any situation quickly. It offers an exceptional field of view of 210 °, it allows the riders to breathe fresh air, to talk with their peers and to drink easily when they feel like it. The ultimate goal? THE EXPERIENCE

Titan helmet is designed and thought to ride to the limit and live every moment to the fullest without any worries from your equipment.

Summer Edition CKX Titan Helmet




CKX and its tagline “Wear Your Passion” was looking for a meaningful name for this helmet that would inevitably ignite the passion to drive in complete freedom. Synonymous with magnificent and colossal, the name TITAN, inspiring confidence and encouraging the achievement of gigantic feats, was a perfect fit.

Summer Edition CKX Titan Helmet

TITAN stands out from other off-road helmets on several points,
more specifically by :

  • Its fiber glass composite construction weighing only 1430g.
  • Its motocross look with the features and benefits of a modular helmet
    • Thanks to its retractable and removable muzzle that allows the rider to control his way of breathing and to be able to speak more easily with others with the helmet on. (Patent pending)
  • Its greatly improved field of view when using the CKX 210o goggle expressly developed for the TITAN.
  • Its aerodynamics peak design to protect your from the element
  • Its improved ventilation system to fit the summer conditions
  • Its removable compatible camera mount
  • Its goggle attach system (Patent pending)
    • Allows to free your face in a single movement
  • Its 3 positions goggle retention mechanism :
    • On top of the helmet
    • Hanging on the side
    • In riding position in the eye port
  • Tear-off fixation system on the 210 google

Summer Edition CKX Titan Helmet Brochure

ECE 22.05 certified and available for spring 2017, SUMMER EDITION CKX TITAN helmet will be on many heads next season and on the podiums for sure!



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