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New for 2019, the women’s one-piece Nieva suit has been added to the CKX collection. You asked for it and this year CKX is pleased to offer it to you! With a fitted profile and attractive colours, the Nieva snowmobile suit is designed to meet the active female snowmobiler’s needs.

 Still following the same co-creation process with their partners and their ambassadors, this year CKX has developed  new styles suited to a woman’s figure that combine both style and performance.




Why a one-piece suit? The greatest advantage of the suit is the freedom of movement resulting from the ease and cut of the garment. Ease of movement is great, but the suit must remain in place, which is why the suit includes an internal system of adjustable and removable suspenders.  For added comfort, these are padded and part of the back is meshed to ensure good breathability and avoid any areas of moisture. Their Y design also contributes to comfort, as they cannot slide off the shoulders.   




When assessing a performance garment, a good starting point is necessarily the materials used to make it. CKX uses an external membrane that acts as a soft and light shield to keep you dry by repelling the water, snow and wind. It lets you stay dry while wicking away the moisture found inside the coat.  As for durability, the suit has Cordura 500D reinforcements in areas where better resistance to abrasion is needed: the seat, knees and inside part of the legs. With its 60g insulation, the suit is more suited to a riding style that requires intense physical activity. If you like a more passive ride, you can add a layer with an EVA liner which will provide you with an additional 129g of insulation.




Any good performance garment must also have different ventilation ports.  The CKX one-piece Nieva suit includes a number of ventilation ports for both the upper part and the lower part of the body. Easily accessible, the upper body ports are located midway between the side and chest panels, providing good air circulation even when wearing a backpack.


On the practical side, the women’s suit also has an opening at the back, commonly called   “drop seat”. The suit is also equipped with several adjustable systems for a better fit, especially at the end of the sleeves, legs and detachable hood. The garment is also held in place at the bottom of the leg’s lining with a hook that attaches to the boot.  Combined with an anti-skid elastic band, there is no way the snow can penetrate the garment, even in powder snow conditions.  


Click here for more information about the CKX NIEVA

We recommend pairing the CKX Nieva with the TITAN helmet. You can find more information about the TITAN here.


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