2017 Husqvarna Pre-Launch

Posted by KimpexWP on 12, May 2016

 Husqvarna Cross Country Race Bikes

New for 2017 – Husqvarna Cross-Country-off-road race models and goes to Air fork

«Vital MX - Husqvarna is expanding their lineup in 2017 with three new models to head up a new range for the brand. This new range will service those looking for an off-road race bike. These cross country race bikes share more with their motocross brethren than the typical off-road model, and will make for a better all-around bike for the majority of the public. Check out all the info on the TX 300, and the full PR info on the entire release under that. Head over to page two for the FX 350, and page three for the FX 450.»

air fork

Also new for 2017 brand new WP AER 48 front fork

The WP AER 48 front fork is completely new for MY17. The 48mm split air fork features an insulated air spring and pressurized oil chamber for progressive and consistent damping. The new component is 3.7 pounds lighter than its predecessor and is easily adjustable via a single air pressure valve for pre-load (on the left leg) as well as easy access clickers adjusting damping with 30 clicks (on the right leg). Additionally, the air pump needed to adjust air pressure in the fork will be provided as standard. «Husqvana press release»

Read the full article on the VitalMX website !

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