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Posted by David Roy on 19, Oct 2015
David Roy

This article features the Bell MX-9, a new mid-range helmet in the Bell line. Despite the fact that the Bell MX-9 is a Motocross helmet, this type of equipment is becoming more and more popular with w powersports enthusiasts in winter. More and more off-road snowmobilers are choosing to ride with this kind of equipment for many reasons. Having said that, let’s get back to the MX09!

Bell MX-9 — Shell and protection

To begin with, the shell of the Bell MX-9 is constructed with a polycarbonate alloy. This material provides the helmet with high impact resistance while remaining light. Speaking of protection, the Bell MX-9 has ECE/22-05 and DOT certification, compliant with impact resistant standards for use of the Mx. In addition, the helmet has a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. Like most helmets on the market, the inside of the helmet is made of EPS. This inside layer is actually compact polystyrene foam which absorbs part of the shock upon collision. Lastly, the inside of the helmet is completed with inner linings that will directly touch the user’s head. And finally, for protection, the padded tethering strap uses a double D-ring.


The visor is adjustable and the metal screws to adjust or remove it have plastic tips for tool-free use. This is very practical when you are in the middle of nowhere and want to change it.

BELL MX-9 – Comfort and lining

The Bell MX-9 was constructed in three shell sizes and with EPS. This means that one shell size is available for Small sizes, another for Medium, and finally as you might expect, a Large for the larger helmet sizes. It provides the user of the helmet with more comfort because the engineers can therefore offer a better fit.


The inside linings are removable. They are made up of three pieces: two for the sides of the head and one from the forehead to the neck. They stay in place with a zipper system, so they are easy to detach by gently pulling on them. For the center lining, there are two anchoring points on the forehead and two others at the neck. The lateral linings are kept in place with three anchoring points that form a triangle around the strap. All linings are hand washable. And the strap is padded for maximum comfort.

BELL MX-9 – Ventilation

Despite the opening in the front of the helmet, it gets warm in an MX helmet. This is why the helmet’s ventilation system is essential. First, on the chin strap there are three spaces to ventilate the helmet. The vent at the center has an internal filter to minimize breathing in dust as much as possible.


The other two vents are found just on the sides. Two more air vents are located at the forehead level on both sides of the head. They work together with the two air vents at the back of the head to allow air to circulate to keep your head cool during your outing. Lastly, two other air vents are positioned on both sides at the base of your head, near the nape of the neck.


Target group for the Bell MX-9?

This question is easier to ask than to answer! It’s official that all MX enthusiasts in this world can be drawn to the Bell MX-9. But I believe that a good number of snowmobilers and off-road enthusiasts can be attracted to it as well. With the addition of a Balaklava and two or three pairs of glasses to change, a passionate rider can easily spend many hours playing in the snow without any problem! Some ATV or UTV enthusiasts could also be interested in this younger and energetic style of helmet.  Alright, I have spoken enough, now your turn to give me your impressions on this helmet. I look forward to hearing from you!



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