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Posted by David Roy on 19, Oct 2015
David Roy

This article features the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX, one of the high end MX helmets from Bell. This revolutionary helmet has been written about extensively with reference to its many unique characteristics and its unique shock absorption system! To begin, we invite you to watch the launch video.


BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX — Shell and protection

If there is an area in which the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX innovates, it is definitely at the level of protection. Engineers of the California based company founded in 1954 have constructed one of the most complete and complex shock absorption systems in the world. They have divided the protective layer and rebuilt it using the characteristics of three especially dense types of materials. The three layers each have a very particular purpose in providing protection for the motorcyclist. First, the initial layer is comprised of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene). In the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX, this is the black layer.


While it is closest to the head of the motorcyclist, EPP is the helmet’s second most dense material. Its purpose is to intervene in medium intensity impacts, 3 to 5 meters/second (10.8 to 18 km/hr). The second layer in red is constructed from EPO (Expanded Polyolefin), a material which is the least dense of the three layers. It is optimal for impacts under 3 meters per second (10.8 km/hr). Lastly, the third layer in grey is made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and is very efficient for impacts from 5 to 7.75 meters/second (18 to 28 km/hr). For more details, please watch the following video:

In addition to making the helmet as lightweight as possible, BELL engineers have removed the maximum surplus in the different layers so the helmet can adapt to the wearer’s head. Lastly, the carbon shell contributes to making an ultra lightweight helmet which offers maximum protection for the motorcyclist.



BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX – Comfort and lining

Like its predecessor, the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX is a hit when it comes to comfort. Why? First, the lateral linings of the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX are not held in place by a conventional punch system, but by magnets! These three magnets hold the lateral linings in place when you need it to. They are therefore easily removed from the helmet to wash them. I suggest you try them so you can admire the inside of your helmet and the complexity of the shock absorption system.  The latter was designed to allow the helmet to adapt to the rider’s head. With the unique concept of the shock absorption system, the different layers move slightly to match the shape of your head.


Let’s finish with the center lining. There are two punches on the forehead and two on the nape of the neck that attach it to the helmet. The safety strap is lined for more comfort and is equipped with a double D-Ring attachment system.

I found the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX extremely comfortable. There is no particular pressure point. The revolutionary concept of the three layers of protection work very well together to provide maximum comfort. Sizes comply with industry standards. The Large size was perfectly fitted to my head as are most helmets available on the market.


BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX  – Ventilation

The ventilation system of the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX consists of 9 openings at the front of the shell. There is a main opening on the chin that purifies the air with an inside filter, and two other smaller openings on the sides. On the front of the helmet, at the level of the temple, there is an opening on each side which keeps the helmet cool. Two other openings are situated directly on the forehead, and the last two are slightly higher, under the visor.


There are seven air vents on the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX. The first one is located directly on the top of the head, about five inches from the tip of the visor. Four others are found in the upper back part of the helmet. Working together with the other openings, they provide an intake of fresh air for the duration of your race. Lastly, two small vents are positioned on the back of the helmet beneath the rider’s ears.


Target group for the BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX?

It is without a doubt THE top of the line helmet from BELL. Those who could benefit from this type of helmet are the MX and off road snowmobile enthusiasts who are fearless when executing spectacular moves, and can depend on a very high quality for maximum safety. The BELL Moto-9 Carbon FLEX is available in 6 colours with different designs to show your style at all times. What will your style be?


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