The New JOBE Conflict

Posted by Kimpex on 13, Apr 2015


Jobe Tech Talk 2015 – Presenting the new Jobe Conflict by Julian Cohen

Welcome to the second edition of Jobe Tech Talk 2015, where the guys at Jobe give you an in-depth view of the brand new Conflict wakeboard, designed in collaboration with pro rider Julian Cohen.

This 3d animated wakeboard video gives great technical insight that’s never seen before in the wakeboarding industry, including its 3-stage rocker and H.I.T. base giving this year’s model even more pop off kickers and flex on rails. For all you die-hard shredders out there, we promise you that this is sure worth checking out.

This is just number two in a series of four so more dopeness is sure to come. Meanwhile you can check out the first episode of the Tech Talk video for the 2015 Jobe Pitch on the Jobe YouTube Channel.

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