The 2015 JOBE Prolix

Posted by Kimpex on 13, Apr 2015


Jobe Tech Talk – Presenting the 2015 Jobe Prolix

The fourth and final Tech Talk video is here, buckle up and prepare yourself for the Jobe Prolix! If you’re new to the Jobe Tech Talk series we’ll give you a short introduction. In the Tech Talk videos Jobe gives an in-depth view of their top of the line wakeboards for 2015 showing in great detail what their boards are really about.

The Prolix is THE board for all intermediate riders out there. This wakeboard includes a tried and true shape without molded fins giving it a thin tip and tail for even more flex. Smash that play button below and find out what the Jobe Prolix has got to offer. 

The Tech Talk series has come to an end. As soon as your local cable park opens up it’s time to try one of Jobe’s new wakeboards. If you missed out on any of the other Tech Talk videos go straight to and find that board that fits you best and step up your game!

Don’t forget to check out the Jobe Wake Park website for news frequently as they’ll keep you posted on the latest news surrounding Jobe.

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